Labomed Vision 2000 Microscope



Series Vision 2000
Magnification 100x
Brand Labomed
Usage/Application Medical diagnostics, Forensic investigations, Scientific research, Educational purposes.
Model Name/Number Vision2000led
Light Source The halogen light source
Dimension 135 x 124mm
Eye Pieces 10x/18mm
Digital Imaging Yes
Is it Portable Portable

Unveiling the Labomed Vision 2000 Microscope:

A Powerful Tool for Unveiling the Microscopic World

The Labomed Vision 2000 Microscope is a versatile instrument designed to empower users of various backgrounds to explore the fascinating realm of the miniature. Whether you’re a seasoned researcher in a laboratory setting, a student embarking on your scientific journey, or a curious hobbyist seeking to delve deeper into the unseen world, this microscope offers a compelling blend of performance, user-friendliness, and affordability.

Built for Comfort and Efficiency

The Labomed Vision 2000 prioritizes ergonomic design to ensure extended use without fatigue. The binocular head allows for comfortable viewing through both eyes, reducing strain and providing a more natural experience. The stage, where your specimens are placed, offers ample space for maneuvering slides and making adjustments. The focusing knobs are conveniently positioned for smooth and precise control, facilitating a streamlined workflow.

Illuminating Insights: LED or Halogen Illumination

The Vision 2000 caters to individual preferences by offering two illumination options: LED and halogen. LED illumination provides cool, bright light with a long lifespan, making it an energy-efficient choice. Halogen illumination, on the other hand, offers a warmer color temperature that some users might find preferable for specific applications. Both options deliver sufficient and adjustable light intensity to ensure clear visualization of your specimens.

Magnificent Optics for Crisp Visuals

At the heart of the Vision 2000 lies its meticulously designed optical system. The high-quality lenses work in conjunction to produce sharp, clear images with excellent resolution. This allows you to discern minute details in your samples, crucial for accurate observation and analysis.

Unveiling a Spectrum of Magnification

The Vision 2000 comes equipped with multiple objective lenses, each offering a different level of magnification. This allows you to tailor your observations to the specific specimen under study. Lower magnification objectives provide a wider field of view, ideal for initial examination and getting an overview of your sample. Higher magnification objectives enable you to zoom in on specific details with greater clarity, revealing intricate structures and cellular components.

A Compact Footprint for Efficient Workspace Utilization

Despite its robust capabilities, the Vision 2000 boasts a compact design. This makes it a valuable asset in space-constrained laboratories or personal workbenches. The microscope’s streamlined form ensures it doesn’t dominate your workspace, allowing for efficient organization and utilization of your valuable laboratory real estate.

Adaptable to Your Evolving Needs

The Vision 2000 is designed with expandability in mind. The microscope features a built-in condenser that can be adjusted to optimize illumination for various objectives and specimen types. Additionally, some models come with an optional trinocular head, which allows for the attachment of a camera for image capture and documentation purposes. This expandability empowers you to adapt the microscope to your specific needs and evolving research endeavors.

Beyond the Basics: Applications of the Labomed Vision 2000

The Labomed Vision 2000’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications. Here are some examples:

  • Biological Sciences: Examining cells, tissues, microorganisms, and other biological samples.
  • Medical Education: Providing students with a powerful tool to visualize anatomical structures, blood cells, and other medical specimens.
  • Environmental Sciences: Studying water samples for plankton identification or analyzing soil samples.
  • Industrial Applications: Quality control in various industries by examining materials for defects or analyzing fiber composition.
  • Hobbyist Exploration: Immersing yourself in the wonder of the microscopic world, observing insects, minerals, or other objects of interest.

Investing in Clarity: The Value Proposition of the Labomed Vision 2000

The Labomed Vision 2000 strikes a compelling balance between affordability, performance, and user-friendliness. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, its optical system delivers crisp visuals, and its adaptability allows it to cater to diverse applications. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a curious beginner, the Vision 2000 empowers you to embark on a journey of discovery into the captivating realm of the microscopic world.


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