About Us

Rose Medicare Pvt. Ltd. over the years has been Instrumental in showing new pathways in the field of Quality Laboratory Practice & has the distinction of achieving Quality Bench Marks.
The various Multinational & National Level Principals, which it handles today speaks for its success, from its Customer‘s & User ‘s Stand Point.
A house where Professionals are involved, one needs to experiences the Length, Width & Depth of its Product’s Line.

                                    “Come & Experiences The Feeling Of Being A Part Of Rose Medicare Pvt. Ltd.”

Our Vision :-

  • Committed to Quality & Commitment at All Levels of Functioning in the Insert of Patient Care.

Our Mission :-

  • Clarity of Expression.
  • Commitment to Quality .
  • Efficient & Effective Customer Relationship Management to Promote Strong Associate Bonding.
  • Philosophy of Partners-In-Progress.
  • Involved in Total Quality Management by Objectives, for Achiving Greater Levels of Vertical Success.

Our Story :-

The Journey of Rose Medicare Pvt Ltd dated back to 29th of January 1996, when it was incorporated under the Provision of Indian Companies Act. On incorporation, it took over an Organization called Jain International which has begun its Journey on 06th of August 1983. Jain International had its operations in the area of Medical Diagnostics with special emphasis on Laboratory Medicine and on Imaging Consumables used for radiological diagnosis. Promoted by an Individual – Mr. Vinod Kumar Dugar, and with Professionals in his team who were well versed in the field of Marketing, Logistics, Public Relations and Branding; Jain International Soon touched Horizons of success and started dominating the markets of Bihar and Jharkhand. The Segments to which it was Catering comprised –  Trade Markets, Voluntary Hospitals, Corporate Hospitals, and Diagnostics Centers dedicated to either Pathology or Radio Diagnostics. Multi-national companies being handled by the Firm have been units like:- Thermo Fisher, Beckman Coulter, Himedia, Tarson, Biorad, Leica, Waters, Qiagen, Labomed, J. Mitra Alere, Tosoh, Remi, Hemocue, Diasys, Beckton Dickinson, Merck, etc.
Jain International now ceases to be in existence as it has now been merged with Rose Medicare Pvt Ltd necessitated because of growing business demands. The company plans to expand to neighboring states and the professional vision continues to grow with the passage of time.
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