Electricity Aerojet Sterilized Fogging System

Tank Capacity 1-5 L
Chemical Tank Capacity 5 L
Power Source Electricity
Usage/Application pharma seuticals/labs
Fuel Tank Capacity 5 litre ss tank and 5 Litre engineering grade plastic tank.
Chemical Used Water and Oil based Disinfactant Solutions.
Droplet Size Submicrone Size.
Voltage 220v AC 15 or 60 hz
Brand Radiant Enterprise
Country of Origin Made in India

Product Description

Introducing the Aerojet Sterilized Fogging System, a breakthrough in infection control and decontamination, meticulously developed over two decades of scientific expertise and unwavering dedication to safeguarding health environments. This system isn’t just a piece of equipment; it’s a symbol of safety, purity, and excellence in maintaining sterile spaces vital for public health.

Precision Perfected: The Aerojet Sterilized Fogging System goes beyond being a mere tool; it’s a guardian of precision. It’s as if we’ve distilled the very essence of accuracy and embedded it within this system, ensuring that every fogging operation is conducted with meticulous attention to detail, adhering to the highest standards of infection control.

Efficiency Redefined: In today’s world, infection control efficiency is paramount. The Aerojet System optimizes your workflow, delivering rapid and reliable results without unnecessary complexity. Think of it as your shield against pathogens, orchestrating a seamless blend of safety and productivity, ensuring that spaces are decontaminated effectively and swiftly.

User-Centric Design: Recognizing the diverse needs of healthcare facilities, laboratories, and public spaces, we’ve prioritized user-friendliness. The Aerojet System features an intuitive interface, minimizing the learning curve. Whether you’re an experienced infection control specialist or new to decontamination protocols, using it is straightforward and efficient.

Versatile Functionality: Our system offers versatility, accommodating various settings and decontamination needs. From hospitals to offices, it adapts effortlessly to the unique requirements of your environment and the diverse pathogens you seek to eliminate.

Effortless Decontamination: The Aerojet Sterilized Fogging System simplifies the process of disinfection and decontamination, ensuring that your spaces remain free of harmful microorganisms. It reduces the potential for infection transmission, protecting both public health and peace of mind.

Quality Assurance: Quality is at the core of our design. The Aerojet System integrates cutting-edge technology and rigorous safety control mechanisms, guaranteeing that every decontamination operation is secure and adheres to the highest standards of infection control.

Built to Last: Crafted for durability, the Aerojet Sterilized Fogging System is designed to withstand the demands of frequent use. Its robust construction and minimal maintenance requirements ensure consistent performance over time.


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