Agappe Mispa i3 Automated Cartridge Based Specific Protein Analyzer

Machine Type Protein Analyzer
Model Name/Number Mispa i3
Usage/Application Laboratory Use
Color Red and Black
Display Touch Screen Display
I Deal In New Only
Weight 7.5Kg
Brand Agappe
Temperature Controll Dry Heating
Power Consumption 100 W
Laser P o wer 5mW
Light Source Laser LED | 650 nm
Test Method Nephelometry & Turbidimetry

Product Description

The Agappe Mispa i3 Automated Cartridge-Based Specific Protein Analyzer is a groundbreaking addition to the world of clinical diagnostics, marking a significant milestone in my two-decade scientific career. This analyzer represents a remarkable fusion of cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design, redefining how we approach specific protein analysis in healthcare.

At its core, the Mispa i3 is engineered to provide precise and specific measurements of proteins in clinical samples. Imagine it as a skilled detective, meticulously deciphering the complex language of biological fluids to uncover vital information about a patient’s health.

What truly sets the Mispa i3 apart is its innovative cartridge-based system. This design streamlines the testing process, making it more efficient and user-friendly. It’s akin to having a trusted assistant who can rapidly and accurately analyze specific proteins with minimal manual intervention.

The Mispa i3’s user-friendly interface ensures that healthcare professionals of varying expertise levels can operate it seamlessly. Its intuitive controls and clear visual feedback minimize the risk of errors, guaranteeing consistently reliable results.

A standout feature of this analyzer is its versatility. It accommodates a wide range of sample types and sizes, offering adaptability that meets the diverse requirements of different healthcare facilities and laboratories.

In summary, the Agappe Mispa i3 Automated Cartridge-Based Specific Protein Analyzer is a game-changer in clinical diagnostics. It empowers healthcare providers with the ability to obtain highly specific protein measurements efficiently, leading to more accurate diagnoses and personalized treatment plans. With its innovative cartridge system, advanced technology, and user-friendly design, it continues to drive progress in the quest for enhanced patient care and improved health outcomes.

Mispa i3 is an automated cartridge based specific protein analyzer designed to deliver consistent and reproducible result with ease and at affordable cost. Mispa i3 adopts dual measuring channels – Rate based Nephelometry & Immuno-turbidimetry for best sensitivity and linearity during the blood testing.


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