Agappe Mispa i2 Specific Protein Analyzer

Machine Type Protein Analyzer
Model Name/Number Mispa i2
Usage/Application Laboratory Use
Color Red and Black
Dimension 210x360x150 (LxWxH in mm)
Display Type 128 x 64 Graphical Display
I Deal In New Only
Weight 2.8Kg
Brand Agappe
Temperature Control Dry Heating
Temperature Range Controlled 37 degrees Celsius
Power Consumption 100W
Laser Power 5mW
Principle Rate Based Nephelometry and Immuno Turbidimetry
Calibration Smart Card
Light Source Laser LED | 650nm
Photo Detectors Laser Detector

Product Description

The Agappe Mispa i2 Specific Protein Analyzer is a remarkable instrument that reflects the tremendous strides we’ve made in clinical diagnostics during my two-decade scientific journey. This analyzer is a true marvel, designed to deliver precise and specific measurements of proteins in clinical samples.

At its core, the Mispa i2 acts as a dedicated detective in the world of clinical chemistry. It is tailored to scrutinize biological fluids with incredible precision, unraveling crucial information about a patient’s health by pinpointing specific proteins.

What sets the Mispa i2 apart is its ability to achieve this specificity with remarkable accuracy. Through cutting-edge technology, it identifies and quantifies individual proteins with a level of precision that was once deemed unattainable. This specificity is a game-changer in clinical practice, where the nuances of protein profiles can lead to personalized treatment plans and more accurate diagnoses.

The user-friendly interface of the Mispa i2 ensures that healthcare professionals can utilize it with ease. Its intuitive design minimizes the risk of errors, guaranteeing consistently reliable results.

One of the standout features of this analyzer is its adaptability. It accommodates various sample types and sizes, making it versatile and suitable for different healthcare facilities and laboratories.


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