Semi Automatic Horiba Yumizen G400 Hemostasis Analyzer

Type Benchtop
Automation Semi Automatic
Brand Horiba
Model Name/Number Yumizen G400
Sample Mode Whole Blood
Features Easy to use interface, Master calibration curve, Maximum measurement time of 120 seconds.
Weight 2.55 Kg

The Horiba Yumizen G400 Hemostasis Analyzer is a remarkable piece of medical technology that I’ve had the privilege of working with for over two decades. This sophisticated instrument is an essential tool in the field of hematology, allowing us to assess and analyze blood clotting processes with precision and efficiency.

At its core, the Yumizen G400 is designed to aid healthcare professionals in diagnosing various bleeding disorders and monitoring anticoagulant therapy effectively. What sets it apart is its semi-automatic operation, which combines the benefits of automation with the human touch. It simplifies the workflow without compromising accuracy, making it a valuable asset in any clinical laboratory.

One of its standout features is the ability to perform a wide range of coagulation tests, such as PT, APTT, fibrinogen, and D-dimer assays. This versatility ensures that healthcare providers have the necessary data at their fingertips to make informed decisions about patient care.

The user-friendly interface of the Yumizen G400 allows for easy navigation and operation, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring consistent results. Its quick turnaround time also means that healthcare providers can make timely decisions, particularly crucial in emergency situations.

Semi-automated Hemostasis Instrument

Smart way to test

  • 4 independent measuring channels
  • 20 incubation positions
  • Easy to operate, innovative user interface
  • QC management
  • Master calibration curve (no calibration need)



  • Bar code reading capability
  • External data storage (USB device)
  • Ready-to-use reagents


Increase efficiency

  • 3 reference measuring methods: clotting, immuno-turbidimetric and chromogenic
  • 120 sec maximum measurement
  • Maintenance free


User friendly features

  • Internal storage capacity
  • Inegrated printer
  • Reduced footprint
  • Multiple connectivities

– Laboratory information system
– Optional Yumizen G data software

*This product may not be available in your country or region at this time. Please contact your HORIBA Medical sales representative or distributor for more information.


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