Leica RM2125 RTS – The Essential Microtome

Section Thickness Range 0.5 – 60
Dimension 438 x472x265
Model RM2125
Weight 29 kg
Material Stainless Steel
Brand Leica

Product Description

Introducing the Leica RM2125 RTS – The Essential Microtome, a remarkable milestone in the world of histology and sample preparation that reflects over two decades of scientific expertise and dedication to delivering the highest precision and quality in tissue sectioning. This isn’t just a microtome; it’s a symbol of simplicity, accuracy, and excellence in transforming tissue specimens into delicate sections for microscopy.

Precision Perfected: The Leica RM2125 RTS goes beyond being a mere instrument; it’s the guardian of precision. It’s as if we’ve distilled the essence of accuracy and distilled it into this microtome, ensuring that every tissue section you create is of the utmost quality, meeting the highest standards of histopathology.

Efficiency Redefined: In the modern laboratory, efficiency is key. The RM2125 RTS optimizes your workflow, delivering precise and consistent results without unnecessary complexity. Think of it as a conductor leading an orchestra, orchestrating a seamless blend of speed and precision, ensuring that your tissue sections are handled with care and perfection.

User-Centric Design: Recognizing the diverse needs of laboratories and histologists, we’ve prioritized user-friendliness. The RM2125 RTS features an intuitive interface, minimizing the learning curve. Whether you’re a seasoned histotechnologist or a newcomer to the field, operating it is straightforward and efficient.

Versatile Functionality: Our microtome offers versatility in tissue sectioning, accommodating a wide range of specimens and applications. From routine pathology to specialized research, it adapts effortlessly to the unique requirements of your laboratory and the diverse projects you undertake.

Effortless Sample Handling: The RM2125 RTS simplifies sample preparation, ensuring that your precious tissue specimens are treated with the utmost care. What used to be complex sectioning tasks are now routine, reducing the potential for errors and enhancing your histological investigations.

Quality Assurance: Quality is at the heart of our design. The Leica RM2125 RTS – The Essential Microtome incorporates robust cutting mechanisms, guaranteeing that each tissue section is precise, adhering to the highest standards of excellence in histopathology.

Built to Last: Crafted for durability, the RM2125 RTS is designed to withstand the demands of daily laboratory use. Its robust construction and minimal maintenance requirements ensure consistent performance over time.


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