The Remi R-8C Plus Centrifuge Machine

Digital Timer Range 0-99 Min
Brand Remi
Model Number R-8c plus
Max. Capacity 400ml
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 380*470*300
Max. Rotor Speed 6000 RPM

The Remi R-8C Plus Centrifuge Machine:-

A Workhorse for Everyday Lab Needs

The Remi R-8C Plus Centrifuge Machine is a versatile and user-friendly instrument designed to streamline routine sample separation tasks in various laboratory settings. This compact centrifuge excels in medical, hospital, pathology, and educational institutions, offering reliable performance for applications ranging from blood analysis to cell culture preparations.

Core Functionality: Separating Mixtures with Centrifugal Force

Centrifuges operate on the principle of centrifugal force, which is the force exerted by a rotating object pushing outward from its center. In the R-8C Plus, samples placed in rotors (spinning containers) experience this force, causing denser components to migrate outwards and settle at the bottom, while less dense components remain suspended near the center. This separation allows researchers to isolate specific elements from a mixture for further analysis.

Designed for Efficiency and Ease of Use

The Remi R-8C Plus prioritizes both functionality and user experience. Its compact design allows for efficient use of benchtop space, making it ideal for laboratories of all sizes. The intuitive control panel features a digital display for speed and time, ensuring clear and easy operation. A sleep mode function further enhances convenience by allowing users to program the centrifuge to shut down automatically after a set period of inactivity.

Key Features for Streamlined Workflows

  • Digital Control Panel: The user-friendly interface provides effortless setting of speed and time parameters for precise centrifugation protocols.
  • Digital Display: Clear and easy-to-read digital displays ensure accurate monitoring of both speed (RPM) and elapsed time during centrifugation.
  • Brushless Induction Motor: This advanced motor technology delivers unmatched smoothness, quiet operation, and consistent speed, even under fluctuating voltage conditions. This translates to reliable results and a more pleasant work environment.
  • Microprocessor Control: Intelligent microprocessor control ensures precise maintenance of speed and time settings throughout the centrifugation process.
  • Automatic Rotor Identification: For enhanced safety and user convenience, the centrifuge automatically detects the attached rotor and adjusts operational parameters accordingly. This eliminates the risk of exceeding the safe speed limit for a particular rotor.
  • Multiple Rotor Options: The R-8C Plus offers compatibility with a variety of rotor heads and adapters, allowing for centrifugation of various sample tubes and capacities. This versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Durable Stainless Steel Chamber: The centrifugation chamber is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, ensuring exceptional durability, resistance to corrosion, and easy cleaning.
  • Safety Features: The Remi R-8C Plus prioritizes operator safety with built-in features such as an automatic shut-off mechanism in case of rotor imbalance or overheating.

Applications of the Remi R-8C Plus Centrifuge Machine

The Remi R-8C Plus is a valuable asset for a broad spectrum of laboratory applications, including:

  • Clinical Diagnostics: Separation of blood cells, isolation of plasma and serum for analysis, and processing urine samples.
  • Cell Culture: Pelleting cells for harvesting, washing cells, and preparing cell lysates for protein extraction.
  • Biochemical Research: Isolation of cellular components like mitochondria, nuclei, and membranes for further analysis.
  • Environmental Testing: Separating suspended solids from water samples for analysis.
  • Educational Laboratories: Providing a safe and reliable tool for students to learn about centrifugation techniques in biology, chemistry, and other scientific disciplines.

Choosing the Right Centrifuge for Your Needs

Selecting the most suitable centrifuge depends on several factors, including the typical volume and type of samples you will be processing, the desired speed range, and the required features. The Remi R-8C Plus stands out for its user-friendly design, compact size, and compatibility with various rotors, making it an excellent choice for laboratories seeking a reliable and versatile workhorse for routine centrifugation tasks.

In Conclusion

The Remi R-8C Plus Centrifuge Machine offers a compelling combination of performance, user-friendliness, and affordability. Its versatility and ease of operation make it a valuable asset for laboratories across various scientific disciplines. With its robust design and commitment to safety, the Remi R-8C Plus is a centrifuge you can rely on for years of dependable service.


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