The iFUGE M15k

Digital Timer Range 1 minute to 99 minutes
Brand Neuation
Model Number iFUGE M15K
Max. Capacity 12 x 1.5 ml / 2.0 ml microtubes
Dimensions (WxDxH) (mm) 187 x 265 x 115 m
Voltage Supply 55 W

The iFUGE M15k:-

Your Benchtop Beacon of Speed and Separation

Forget the churning of butter by hand, enter the age of scientific marvels! The iFUGE M15k is a high-speed personal centrifuge designed to revolutionize your approach to separating microscopic particles in a flash. Imagine a tiny, powerful whirlwind that sorts components within your samples with precision – that’s the magic of the iFUGE M15k.

Built for Speed, Crafted for Convenience

The heart of the iFUGE M15k lies in its microprocessor-controlled brilliance. This translates to unmatched efficiency and consistent performance, ensuring you get reliable results every time. But speed is where this centrifuge truly shines. Buckle up for a ride, because the iFUGE M15k boasts a maximum rotation speed of a whopping 15,000 revolutions per minute (RPM)! That’s like a miniature space odyssey happening right on your lab bench, separating particles with remarkable swiftness.

And while it’s a speed demon, the iFUGE M15k doesn’t compromise on user-friendliness. Imagine a control panel that feels as intuitive as your favorite kitchen appliance. The iFUGE M15k features an easy-to-understand interface with a digital display that lets you see all the crucial parameters at a glance. Setting speeds and times is a breeze, and a handy “last run memory” feature saves you from repetitive programming. Need a quick spin for a specific task? No problem – the iFUGE M15k offers a one-touch short spin function for those times when efficiency is paramount.

Quiet Powerhouse for Any Workspace

Don’t let the high-speed nature fool you. The iFUGE M15k operates with surprising smoothness and quietness, even at its maximum velocity. This translates to a peaceful lab environment, free from the disruptive whirring that can often plague centrifuges. Plus, its compact design makes it a perfect fit for any workspace, be it a personal bench or a space-constrained laboratory.

Here’s where the iFUGE M15k truly proves its versatility: it’s happy to work alongside you in fume hoods or even cold rooms, making it adaptable to a wide range of research needs.

Unveiling the Hidden: A Multitude of Applications

The iFUGE M15k is a versatile tool that can be a valuable asset in various scientific endeavors. Here are just a few examples:

  • DNA Extraction: Need to isolate the blueprint of life itself? The iFUGE M15k can swiftly separate DNA from cellular mixtures, paving the way for downstream analysis.
  • Cell Biology: Studying the intricate workings of cells? The iFUGE M15k can help you isolate specific cellular components for further investigation.
  • Protein Purification: Unlocking the secrets of proteins often requires separating them from cellular soup. The iFUGE M15k’s speed can significantly accelerate this process.
  • Microscopy Sample Prep: Need to prepare your samples for a journey into the microscopic world? The iFUGE M15k can help you clarify your samples for clearer visualization.

Safety First: A Secure and Reliable Companion

The iFUGE M15k prioritizes safety. It features a secure lid lock that prevents operation when not properly engaged, minimizing the risk of accidents. Additionally, it’s a low-voltage device, further ensuring a safe working environment.

Expanding Your Horizons: Optional Accessories

The iFUGE M15k is a modular wonder. For those seeking even greater functionality, an optional PCR strip rotor is available. This allows you to work with samples in the widely used PCR (polymerase chain reaction) format, a cornerstone of many molecular biology techniques.

The iFUGE M15k: Your Gateway to Efficient Separations

If you’re looking for a high-speed, user-friendly, and remarkably versatile centrifuge for your personal or small-scale laboratory needs, then look no further than the iFUGE M15k. It’s a powerful tool designed to streamline your workflow and unlock a world of efficient separations, all within a compact and user-friendly package. So, ditch the laborious methods of the past and embrace the future of centrifugation with the iFUGE M15k!


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