The Aczet CG 602

Weighing Capacity 0.5 Kg
Accuracy 0.01
Usage/Application For Jewellery Shop
Brand Aczet
Type Of Weighing Scale Digital
Model Name/Number CG 602
Power Supply Electricity
Pan Size 120mm
Display Type DIGITAL
Automation Grade Automatic

The Aczet CG 602:-

A Precise Partner for Your Weighing Needs

The Aczet CG 602 is a high-precision balance designed for those who require accurate weight measurements for a variety of applications. Whether you’re a scientist in a lab, a jeweler crafting delicate pieces, a baker ensuring perfect recipe proportions, or a hobbyist working on intricate projects, the CG 602 offers the precision and reliability you need.

Unveiling the Features:

  • Capacity and Readability: The CG 602 boasts a weighing capacity of up to 600 grams (approximately 1.3 pounds). This makes it ideal for objects ranging from small samples and powders to larger ingredients and components. The impressive readability of 0.01 grams (0.0004 ounces) ensures you can capture even the most minute weight changes, crucial for tasks demanding pinpoint accuracy.

  • Crystal Clear Display: The CG 602 features a large, backlit LCD display for easy viewing in any lighting condition. This allows you to clearly see the weight reading without straining your eyes, reducing the risk of errors during measurements.

  • Stable and Reliable: The balance incorporates a high-precision load cell technology that translates weight into electrical signals for accurate digital readings. Combined with a leveling bubble and adjustable feet, the CG 602 ensures stability and minimizes the impact of vibrations on your measurements.

  • User-Friendly Operation: The CG 602 is designed for ease of use. The simple, intuitive controls allow you to quickly power on the balance, tare (zero out) the weighing platform for container weights, and perform various weighing functions with minimal steps.

  • Built for Convenience: The CG 602 comes equipped with a removable stainless-steel weighing pan for easy cleaning and maintenance. The compact design with a folding windshield allows for convenient storage when not in use, saving valuable workspace.

  • Long-lasting Power: An inbuilt rechargeable battery provides continuous use of the CG 602 without the need for constant plugging in. This makes it a perfect choice for portable use or situations with limited access to power outlets.

  • Connectivity (Optional): While not a standard feature, the CG 602 can be optionally equipped with an RS 232 interface for connecting the balance to a computer or printer. This allows for data transfer of weight readings for record-keeping or further analysis.

Applications for the CG 602:

The CG 602’s versatility makes it a valuable tool across diverse fields:

  • Scientific Labs: Precisely measure chemicals, reagents, and samples for accurate experimentation and analysis.

  • Jewelry Making: Weigh gemstones, precious metals, and intricate components with utmost precision for crafting stunning pieces.

  • Culinary Arts: Ensure perfect recipe proportions by accurately measuring ingredients for consistent and delicious results.

  • Re-loading Ammunition: Measure gunpowder and bullet components with exacting detail for safe and reliable ammunition creation.

  • Arts and Crafts: Precisely weigh materials like paints, clays, beads, and other crafting supplies for meticulous project execution.

  • Philately: Accurately weigh stamps and collectibles for philatelic pursuits.

Beyond the Features: User Benefits

The CG 602 offers more than just technical specifications. It translates to tangible benefits for users:

  • Confidence in Measurements: The CG 602’s accuracy ensures you trust the weight readings you obtain, leading to reliable results in your work.

  • Improved Efficiency: Quick and precise measurements contribute to streamlined workflows and reduced time spent on tedious weight calculations.

  • Reduced Waste: By accurately measuring ingredients and materials, you minimize waste and optimize resource utilization.

  • Enhanced Craftsmanship: Precise measurements translate to superior quality and consistency in your projects, whether scientific experiments or artistic creations.

  • Portable Precision: The CG 602’s portability and rechargeable battery make it ideal for field use or situations requiring on-the-go weighing.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a meticulous hobbyist, the Aczet CG 602 precision balance empowers you with the accuracy and convenience needed to excel in your endeavors. Its combination of high-precision technology, user-friendly design, and versatile features makes it a valuable investment for anyone requiring pinpoint weight measurements.


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