ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer

Automation Grade Semi Automatic
Instrument Name Haematology Analyzer
Model Name/Number ST-200 Plus
Usage/Application Laboratory
Brand Sensa Core’s
Automation Semi Automatic
User Input Keyboard
Display Digital
Storage up to 10,000 samples
Dimensions 15 Width x 12 Length x 7 Height (Inch)
Frequency 50-60 Hz
Weight 8 Kg
Voltage 220V AC

ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer:- A Comprehensive Guide for Streamlined Electrolyte Testing

The ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer from Sensa Core is a microprocessor-controlled, automated system designed to efficiently measure electrolyte levels in various bodily fluids. This description delves into the functionalities, applications, and benefits of this instrument, making it a valuable resource for healthcare professionals and laboratory personnel.

Understanding Electrolytes and their Significance

Electrolytes are electrically charged minerals found in blood, urine, and other fluids. They play a crucial role in maintaining various physiological processes, including:

  • Maintaining fluid balance: Electrolytes regulate the movement of fluids between cells and blood vessels, ensuring proper hydration and organ function.
  • Muscle and nerve function: Electrolytes like sodium and potassium are essential for transmitting nerve impulses and enabling muscle contractions.
  • Acid-base balance: Electrolytes help regulate blood pH, which is vital for optimal enzyme activity and cellular function.

Electrolyte imbalances can arise due to various factors, including dehydration, excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, certain medications, and kidney problems. These imbalances can manifest as symptoms like fatigue, muscle weakness, heart arrhythmias, and even seizures.

The ST-200 Plus: A Closer Look

The ST-200 Plus is a compact and user-friendly benchtop analyzer equipped with Ion-Selective Electrode (ISE) technology for precise electrolyte measurement. Here’s a breakdown of its key features:

  • Measured Electrolytes: The ST-200 Plus offers various configurations, allowing measurement of sodium (Na+), potassium (K+), chloride (Cl-), ionized calcium (iCa++), lithium (Li+), and pH. This flexibility caters to diverse testing needs.
  • Sample Types: The analyzer can handle a range of samples, including whole blood, serum, plasma, cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), and urine. This eliminates the need for multiple analyzers for different sample types.
  • Automated Operation: The ST-200 Plus streamlines the testing process. Sample aspiration, measurement, and data analysis are automated, minimizing manual intervention and reducing errors.
  • ISE Technology: The instrument utilizes ISEs, which are specialized electrodes that selectively measure specific electrolytes. This ensures accurate and reliable results.
  • Touchscreen Interface: The user interacts with the analyzer through a user-friendly touchscreen interface, simplifying operation and minimizing training time.
  • Calibration: The ST-200 Plus features automated calibration routines, ensuring consistent performance and reliable results.
  • Data Management: The analyzer stores test results electronically, facilitating data retrieval, analysis, and trend monitoring.
  • Connectivity: Optional features may include connectivity options for integrating with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS) for seamless data transfer and record management.

Applications of the ST-200 Plus

The ST-200 Plus finds application in various healthcare settings, including:

  • Hospital Laboratories: The analyzer is ideal for routine electrolyte testing in hospitals, aiding in the diagnosis and management of various conditions.
  • Emergency Departments: Rapid and accurate electrolyte assessment in emergency situations can guide patient treatment decisions promptly.
  • Critical Care Units: Close monitoring of electrolyte levels is vital in critically ill patients, and the ST-200 Plus facilitates this process effectively.
  • Clinics and Outpatient Settings: The compact design and user-friendly interface make the ST-200 Plus suitable for clinics and outpatient settings, enabling on-site electrolyte testing.

Benefits of Using the ST-200 Plus

The ST-200 Plus offers several advantages for healthcare facilities and laboratories:

  • Improved Efficiency: Automation streamlines workflow, reducing processing time and personnel workload.
  • Enhanced Accuracy: ISE technology ensures reliable and consistent results, minimizing the risk of errors.
  • Rapid Results: The analyzer provides quick turnaround times, allowing for prompt clinical decision-making.
  • Cost-Effective Operation: The ST-200 Plus offers economical operation with features like precise calibrator volume control and a low cost per test.
  • Ease of Use: The intuitive touchscreen interface minimizes training time and simplifies operation for laboratory personnel.
  • Compact Design: The analyzer’s compact footprint is ideal for laboratories with limited space.

Considering the ST-200 Plus for Your Laboratory

The ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer is a valuable asset for healthcare facilities seeking a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly solution for electrolyte testing. Its versatility caters to diverse testing needs, and its automation features enhance workflow and result accuracy.

When evaluating the ST-200 Plus for your laboratory, consider factors like your testing volume, budget constraints, and desired features. Consulting with Sensa Core can help you determine the optimal configuration for your specific needs.

In Conclusion

The ST-200 Plus Electrolyte Analyzer represents a significant advancement in electrolyte testing technology. By


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