Labomed LX 400 Microscope

Magnification 400x
Model Name/Number Labomed LX 200 Binocular Laboratory Microscope
Light Source LED
Brand Labomed LX 400
Usage/Application innovations
Features Nosepiece, Illumination, Condenser.
Warranty 5-year manufacturer warranty and free 1-year extended warranty for a total of six years.
Is It Portable Portable

Unveiling the Labomed LX 400 Microscope:

A Visionary Tool for Exploring the Microscopic World

The Labomed LX 400 Microscope is a powerful and versatile instrument designed to bridge the gap between affordability and exceptional performance. It caters to a wide range of applications, from educational institutions fostering a passion for science in students to laboratories conducting crucial research.

Built for Stability and Comfort

The LX 400 boasts a single-mold, sturdy stand crafted from anti-rust materials. This ensures exceptional stability during use, minimizing vibrations that can blur the image. An extended base with built-in hand rests further enhances user comfort, especially during prolonged observation sessions.

Illuminating the Unseen

At the heart of the LX 400 lies a sophisticated LED illumination system. LED technology offers several advantages over traditional halogen bulbs. First, LEDs provide a brighter and more consistent light source, crucial for viewing intricate details of specimens. Second, LEDs generate minimal heat, preventing potential damage to heat-sensitive samples. Furthermore, LEDs are known for their energy efficiency and extended lifespan, translating to cost savings in the long run.

Magnificent Optics

The LX 400 utilizes a Siedentopf binocular head, a design that allows for comfortable viewing with both eyes simultaneously. This configuration reduces eye strain and fatigue, particularly during extended microscopy sessions. The 30-degree inclined viewing angle further promotes ergonomic posture, minimizing neck and back discomfort.

The eyepieces play a vital role in determining image quality. The LX 400 is equipped with wide-field focusable paired eyepieces, typically offering 10x magnification. Wide-field eyepieces provide a larger viewing area compared to standard eyepieces, allowing users to observe a greater portion of the specimen at once. The ability to focus the eyepieces ensures clarity and crispness throughout the field of view, even for users with varying eyesight.

Objectives: Unveiling Different Levels of Detail

The objective lenses are another critical component of a microscope. These lenses are responsible for magnifying the specimen and directing light towards the eyepieces. The LX 400 typically comes with a set of interchangeable objectives, offering varying levels of magnification. Common objective magnifications include 4x, 10x, 40x, and 100x. Lower magnification objectives provide a wider field of view, suitable for initial examination of specimens. Higher magnification objectives, on the other hand, enable users to delve into the finer details of a sample. The LX 400’s objectives are usually parfocal, meaning minimal refocusing is required when switching between objectives.

A Modular Design for Future Expansion

The LX 400 microscope is designed with scalability in mind. Its modular construction allows users to add various accessories as their needs evolve. These attachments can include, but are not limited to, additional objective lenses for even higher magnifications, camera adapters for capturing images, and specialized contrast enhancement techniques for observing specific types of specimens.

Applications: A Versatile Tool for Diverse Fields

The Labomed LX 400 microscope caters to a broad spectrum of applications. In educational settings, it serves as an invaluable tool for students in biology, life sciences, and other science disciplines. The LX 400’s user-friendly design and crystal-clear optics enable students to gain firsthand experience with the microscopic world, fostering a deeper understanding of scientific concepts.

In laboratories, the LX 400 microscope finds applications in various fields, including:

  • Biological Research: Examining cell structures, observing microorganisms, and analyzing tissues.
  • Medical Diagnostics: Aiding in the identification of pathogens, analyzing blood samples, and studying parasites.
  • Environmental Science: Investigating water quality by studying microorganisms, analyzing soil samples, and identifying plant pathogens.
  • Material Science: Examining the microstructure of materials, identifying flaws, and analyzing particle size.

Conclusion: Unveiling a World of Possibilities

The Labomed LX 400 microscope is a compelling choice for those seeking a powerful and versatile tool for exploring the microscopic world. It offers exceptional image quality, a comfortable viewing experience, and a modular design that facilitates future expansion. Whether in the classroom or the laboratory, the LX 400 empowers users to embark on a journey of discovery, unveiling the hidden wonders that lie unseen by the naked eye.


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