Bio-Rad Immunoassay Quality Control Solutions

Industry Type Labs
Model Name 370
Brand name BioRad
capacity up to 93 analytes for AI and TDM assays
quantity 12*5ml

Bio-Rad Immunoassay Quality Control Solutions

In the world of clinical diagnostics, accuracy is paramount. Bio-Rad’s Immunoassay Quality Control solutions provide laboratories with the tools they need to ensure the reliability and precision of their immunoassay testing. This comprehensive suite of products helps safeguard patient results, fostering trust in your laboratory’s capabilities.

Understanding Immunoassays

Immunoassays are a powerful group of tests that measure the presence or concentration of specific substances, like hormones, proteins, and drugs, in a patient’s blood or other bodily fluids. These tests play a vital role in diagnosing and monitoring a wide range of diseases and conditions.

The Importance of Quality Control

Since immunoassay results directly impact patient care decisions, ensuring the accuracy of these tests is crucial. Quality control (QC) is an essential process that helps laboratories monitor the performance of their immunoassays over time. Regularly running QC samples allows you to detect any potential issues with the test system, such as instrument malfunction or reagent degradation, before they impact patient results.

Bio-Rad’s Quality Control Advantage

Bio-Rad offers a diverse selection of immunoassay quality control products to fit the specific needs of your laboratory. Here’s a closer look at the key features and benefits:

  • Comprehensive Analyte Coverage: Bio-Rad’s controls encompass a broad spectrum of analytes, including those commonly tested for routine immunoassays, therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), specialty areas like infectious diseases and fertility, and disease state markers. This allows you to find the controls that best match your testing menu.

  • Multiple Control Levels: Bio-Rad provides controls in various levels, typically low, medium, and high. Running controls at different concentrations helps assess the accuracy of your assays across the entire measurement range, ensuring reliable results for all patient samples.

  • Human-Based Materials: Bio-Rad’s controls utilize human-derived materials, closely resembling real patient samples. This provides a more realistic assessment of assay performance compared to controls made from synthetic materials.

  • Convenient Formats: Bio-Rad offers controls in both liquid (ready-to-use) and lyophilized (freeze-dried) formats. Liquid controls offer ease of use, while lyophilized controls boast extended shelf life, minimizing waste and reducing the frequency of needing to switch to new control lots.

  • Wide Platform Compatibility: Bio-Rad controls are designed for compatibility with a vast array of automated immunoassay analyzers used in clinical laboratories. Assigned values are readily available for most major platforms, simplifying the implementation of these controls into your existing workflow.

  • Long Shelf Life: Bio-Rad’s controls benefit from extended shelf lives, reducing the need for frequent product replacements and crossover studies (comparison of results between old and new control lots). This translates to cost savings and streamlined workflows for your laboratory.

  • Unity Software Integration: Bio-Rad’s Unity software seamlessly integrates with their quality control products. Unity allows you to effortlessly manage your QC data, generate Levey-Jennings charts to monitor trends, and participate in a global QC peer group comparison program. This comprehensive data analysis empowers you to identify potential issues early on and continuously improve your laboratory’s performance.

Choosing the Right Controls

Bio-Rad’s extensive portfolio of immunoassay quality control products caters to the diverse needs of clinical laboratories. Here are some factors to consider when selecting the most suitable controls for your facility:

  • The specific immunoassays you perform
  • The volume of testing you conduct
  • Your preferred control format (liquid or lyophilized)
  • Your budget


Bio-Rad’s Immunoassay Quality Control solutions offer a robust and reliable approach to safeguarding the accuracy of your immunoassay testing. With comprehensive analyte coverage, convenient formats, and advanced data management tools, Bio-Rad empowers you to deliver consistent, high-quality results that ultimately translate into better patient care.

Additional Resources

For further information on Bio-Rad’s Immunoassay Quality Control products and to explore the complete range of available controls, please visit the Bio-Rad website.


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