Agappe Mispa i2

Machine Type Protein Analyzer
Model Name/Number Mispa i2
Usage/Application Laboratory Use
Color Red and Black
Dimension 210x360x150 (LxWxH in mm)
Display Type 128 x 64 Graphical Display
I Deal In New Only
Weight 2.8Kg
Brand Agappe
Temperature Control Dry Heating
Temperature Range Controlled 37 degrees Celsius
Power Consumption 100W
Laser Power 5mW
Principle Rate Based Nephelometry and Immuno Turbidimetry
Calibration Smart Card
Light Source Laser LED | 650nm
Photo Detectors Laser Detector

Agappe Mispa i2:-

A Deep Dive into the Specific Protein Analyzer

The Agappe Mispa i2 is a game-changer in the world of protein analysis. This semi-automated benchtop analyzer offers high precision and rapid turnaround times for a wide range of protein assays in blood testing. It empowers medical professionals to gain valuable insights into various disease states, ultimately aiding in better patient management.

Unveiling the Technology: Dual Powerhouses

The Mispa i2’s secret weapon lies in its unique combination of two powerful technologies:

  1. Rate-based Nephelometry: This method shines when it comes to sensitivity. It measures the rate at which light particles (antigens) scatter upon interaction with specific antibodies in the sample. The higher the protein concentration, the greater the light scattering, leading to highly sensitive detection even for low-abundance proteins.

  2. Immunoturbidimetry: This method excels in linearity. It measures the amount of light blocked (turbidity) when antigen-antibody complexes form in the sample. This technique ensures accurate results across a broad protein concentration range.

The Mispa i2 utilizes a patented Unique Channel Shifting (UCS) technology. This innovative feature allows the instrument to seamlessly shift between nephelometry and turbidimetry modes based on the reaction rate. This ensures optimal sensitivity for low-concentration proteins and exceptional linearity for high-concentration ones, guaranteeing accurate results across the entire measurement spectrum.

Benefits Beyond Compare:

The Mispa i2 boasts a multitude of advantages that make it a compelling choice for clinical laboratories:

  • High Precision: The combination of nephelometry and immunoturbidimetry delivers highly precise results, minimizing errors and improving diagnostic confidence.

  • Fast Turnaround Times: The Mispa i2 streamlines the protein analysis process, enabling laboratories to generate results quickly, facilitating timely clinical decisions.

  • Wide Assay Panel: The Mispa i2 supports a comprehensive panel of protein assays encompassing various disease areas like diabetes, cardiovascular risks, inflammatory conditions, and kidney ailments.

  • Cost-Effectiveness: The Mispa i2 uses a smart card calibration system that minimizes reagent wastage and manual calibration errors, ultimately reducing operational costs.

  • User-Friendly Operation: With a three-step user interface and convenient features like patient ID entry and barcode reading, the Mispa i2 simplifies protein analysis workflows.

  • Data Storage and Retrieval: The analyzer boasts a 1000-patient memory capacity, allowing for efficient data storage and retrieval, facilitating patient record management and trend analysis.

  • Portable Design: The Mispa i2’s compact and lightweight design makes it ideal for laboratories with limited space. Additionally, the 30-minute battery backup ensures uninterrupted operation even during power outages.

Applications in Action:

The Mispa i2 finds application in a diverse range of clinical scenarios:

  • Diabetes Management: By measuring specific proteins like C-peptide and HbA1c, the Mispa i2 aids in monitoring diabetes and assessing treatment effectiveness.

  • Cardiovascular Risk Assessment: Analysis of proteins like CRP (C-reactive protein) and hsCRP (high-sensitivity CRP) helps identify individuals at increased risk of heart disease.

  • Inflammation Detection: Elevated levels of proteins like ferritin and ESR (erythrocyte sedimentation rate) measured by the Mispa i2 can indicate inflammatory processes in the body.

  • Kidney Function Evaluation: Protein markers like creatinine and albumin measured by the Mispa i2 provide valuable insights into kidney health.

These are just a few examples, and the Mispa i2’s broad assay panel makes it adaptable for various protein analysis needs across diverse clinical settings.

Beyond the Specs: Embracing a Future of Precision

The Agappe Mispa i2 represents a significant advancement in protein analysis technology. Its ability to deliver high-precision results with rapid turnaround times empowers medical professionals to make informed clinical decisions efficiently. The Mispa i2’s user-friendly design and cost-effectiveness further enhance its appeal for laboratories of all sizes. As healthcare continues to evolve towards personalized medicine, the Mispa i2 stands as a valuable tool for unlocking the power of protein analysis in improving patient care.

In Conclusion:

The Agappe Mispa i2 is more than just a protein analyzer; it’s an investment in better healthcare delivery. This innovative instrument empowers laboratories to provide accurate and timely diagnostic information, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.


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